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Wheres my geek? Premium

2.99 usd

Considered by the experts as one of the most essential mobile games, beautiful, easy to play and enjoyable and defined by the players as the best seek & find game, taking this type of games to a new dimension.THOUSAND OF GEEK REFERENCES AND A LOT OF HUMOURHave fun identifying parodies of celebrities, discovering fully detailed scenes and a lot of humour.
IMPRESSIVE PIXEL ART GRAPHICS Have fun enjoying the fully-detailed pixel works of art. During your discovery adventure of the Zoorgs story you will get to know surprising places such as the island of Lost, a special version of “Winter is coming”, a "Camp Nou" stadium in Mars and many other scenes that will surely make you smile.
ENJOY THE ORIGINAL STORYThe Zoorgs has caused a distortion in the space-time, shifting people, animals and objects from their places of origin. Our friends the Time Geeks have to control them all in order to prevent a total collapse of the space-time before it is too late.
A game produced by Ivanovich Games. All artwork by Markus Gmür ©Popchild TM.
We are working on free updates with new fun missions. We would be very pleased to receive comments and suggestions at our email address: